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Professional is an over-used and often misleading word. For any style of balloon decorating to be "professional", the balloons must be properly sized, timely inflated, artfully arranged, and sometimes treated to protect them from deflating, bursting, or oxidizing.

Classic balloon decorating generally refers to a more formal or corporate look. Classic décor includes arches, bouquets, and much of what balloon artists do. It is a bit unfair to say that classic balloon décor lacks the creativity of modern décor; but, that may still be the best way to understand it. For instance a classic packed garland arch is made with just the balloons. A modern packed garland arch may have clown faces embossed on some of the balloons. Modern décor takes more artistic liberties including altering the shape of balloons, using non-round "twisted" balloons, and incorporates different sizes and types of balloons. Modern décor has more frills than traditional or classic décor. Neither style is wrong or right. The cllient determines the atmosphere he or she wants for the event; and, they choose accordingly.

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