Birthdays and Anniversaries

Balloon decorations are ideal for any event.  Ballroom Balloons can set up a display at your home, office, place of worship, or rented facility.  For birthdays and anniversaries, balloon decorations stike the perfect note between sophistication and fun.

View sample displays we've put together for our other clients below or browse our online gallery to see more.

A balloon inside a balloon inside a balloon. Wow! How did they do THAT?! We may never tell, but we will create them for you. This centerpiece has only one floating (Helium) balloon; but, there are over eighteen balloons in all.

Table bouquets and centerpieces are THE most popular way to decorate a room. They enhance the artful way that tables are arranged by filling up much of the empty space above them while leaving a clear view for the guests to interact.

Nothing enhances a ballroom’s elegance like table top arrangements. Bouquets and centerpieces that are placed in the center of the guest tables make décor festive without restricting sight-lines or floor space.

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