Ready To Build Your Own Table Centerpiece?

The folks from the Qualatex Balloon Network made this tutorial for those of us in the balloon decorating business; but, I know that many people are eager for a little DIY time. This one may bit a bit tough to get all of the elements. But, it is always fun to play and create:



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Light it Up!

We have discovered these delightful silver mesh ribbon encased LED lights which liven up balloon decorations.

The extra long length allows us to light up the miniature clusters at the top and bottom of your centerpieces. They are also long enough to light up columns. Multiple sets may be used to light up arches as well.. The most unique thing about these lights is how bright and pleasing in “daylight white” color they are. Note that this room is well lit. Most balloon light products are barely noticeable unless a room is dimmed.

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Slinky’s on the Ceiling!

Nicole’s bat-mitzvah party at the Pook’s Hill Marriott, Bethesda, Maryland, March 4, 2017

Double bubbles and Stars of David are some of the feature balloons of these bouquets. For more table ideas, please visit our photo galleries:

Here’s a close up of one of the “Festive Bouquet” table centerpieces.

And, here are the Slinky’s on the ceiling!! For more ceiling decoration ideas, please visit:

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Helium Prices Lowered at Ballroom Balloons

Hello Balloon Fans,
Ballroom Balloons is pleased to announce a reduction in the pricing on our three smallest size Helium tanks: The Baby, Small, and Medium. Generally, this is most helpful if you are able to pick up from our Olney, Maryland base of operations. However, delivery is available throughout the United States on Helium orders of $300.00 or more. Please check out our pricing, rental, and safety information here:

Long term rentals are available for those who wish to keep a Helium tank(s) on hand year round. Please contact us here:

Stay safe and enjoy,


L.A. Fitness Opens a New Club in Owings Mills, MD

Today we are celebrating with LA Fitness on the opening of their beautiful new club in Owings Mills, MD.

LA Fitness has been raising the bar for quality gyms in the DC area for the last ten years or so. We are proud to have decorated for so many of their grand openings in DC, MD, and VA!

Why not relax and watch a balloon slideshow on a lazy Saturday afternoon: