Monthly Archives: September 2006

Serving The Country

Tomorrow the balloon crew is heading to the nation’s capital to decorate and celebrate the launching of a new web-site that serves the U.S. Army Reserves families with children. To be frank, we are not donating the balloons; so, the title of this post is mostly “tongue in cheek”. However, in preparing for the job, we decided to bring some special surprises that the Client did not order. For example, we are bringing giant American Flag foil balloons (see:, which they may choose instead of some of the star foils. We are also bringing lights for the arch and columns; and, we are even bringing little twinkle lights to add to the guest table decor.

Our Clients are so nice that we really enjoy surprising them with these little extras at no additional cost, when it is feasable. Of course, we only make these changes with the Client’s approval. Although, truth be told, many people give us “Carte Blanche” to fully express our artistry in their designs even if its not written in the contract. Why not read a little more about us at


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