Monthly Archives: December 2006

Happy Holidays and Happy 2007!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe the weather?! Its so lovely; but, it does make it harder to feel like we are in the right season. brought in all sorts of snow-flake and winter themed balloons in anticipation of demand. I guess we will have to see what January and February have in store for us.

  • Meanwhile, the balloon crew has been hard at work decorating holiday parties for social and corporate events. This week Ballroom Balloons worked its magic at Capital One headquarters, Chevy Chase Bank headquarters, and the Howard University dorms to name a few.
  • Tomorrow night “Stan the gorilla man” makes an appearance at a local law firm’s holiday party (see: The Client wrote original lyrics about his firm to the tune of The Twelve Days of Christmas. It is absolutely hilarious (especially from the mouth of a gorilla!)
  • January will see a large increase of new photos in our gallery section. So, be sure to click on What’s New at

Enjoy the season!!!!!!!!!!!


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