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Super Primary Parties Vs Super Bowl Parties

Such a dilemma! People seem to be genuinely torn about whether or not to have a raucus Super Bowl party on Sunday, February 3 or to save their energy for a post super Tuesday party on the night of February 5. Well, you can accuse me of not being a “party” animal; but, I say its NO contest: Super Bowl party wins…..IN A LANDSLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course, the balloon artists at are happy to help you with any party be it NFC, Democrat, AFC, or Repuplican. Why not visit our photo gallery at and click on the theme party of your choice.

Now you can get to our most popular theme pages more quickly from our home page at and click on one of the ten most Popular Events or go right to

Whatever you do, don’t forget to vote and to party!!


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