Monthly Archives: September 2008

Election Fever

Hello fellow balloon fans,
The 2008 general election is in full campaign mode if our small balloon decoration business is any indication. Inquiries for Helium tank kits to victory balloon drops are burning up the phone lines and filling up our on-line quote forms (see Most of the interest is for post election parties and anticipated presidential inaugural balls; but, many people are currently decorating political fundraisers and stump speeches around the nation.

Folks are expressing pleasure and gratification about the fact that we have Helium cylinders available for rent; and, that we have five sizes to choose from (see Some of you may be aware of the recent worldwide shortages of Helium. Ballroom Balloons is pleased to announce that we always have every size tank filling 75 to 600 balloons available. And, while most party stores rent Helium tanks by the day, Ballroom Balloons let’s you keep them for a week to accomodate your busy schedule.

Why not visit our photo gallery today at for some great decorating ideas?!