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Ballroom Balloons to Attend World Balloon Conference

From April 15 to 18, 2010, Stan Rosen, of Ballroom Balloons will attend the World Balloon Conference to be held in Dallas, Texas. This first ever one-of-a-kind event is being sponsored by Qualatex, the world’s leading manufacturer of decorator quality balloons and related equipment.

Part “ballooniversity” (apologies to Burton and Burton), part trade show, and part artist indulgance-this fabulous weekend features training and demonstrations by balloon artists from Washington, DC to Bejing, China. Dozens of decor-related vendors will attend; and, I am even invited to take a VIP tour of the Qualatex manufacturing plant to see how the world’s best balloons are made. I will be thrilled to bring back new balloon decorating ideas including alternative balloon centerpiece designs, dance floor canopies, ceiling treatments, balloon drops, and much more.

Be sure to visit our What’s New section in our gallery in the coming months to see examples of what we have learned:

Valentine’s Day is Coming

The traditional day for lovers falls on a Sunday this year. That’s February 14 in case you don’t recall. Until the mid 1990’s, Ballroom Balloons delivered as many as 200 balloon bouquets for Valentine’s Day. Since then, dollar stores and party stores have decided to use balloons as their loss leaders. Balloons can be found in grocery stores, florist shops, and even from street vendors. So, the novelty has worn off. There are still very talented people who create balloon art. Its a whole different presentation than receiving a gaggle of balloons. Balloon art is to balloon bunches as floral arrangements are to cut flowers.

In any event, is pleased to still offer Gorrila Grams on Valentine’s Day. Please visit for a sample video and more information.


Happy New Year 2010!

Dear Balloon Fans,
It’s actually been a year since my last blog. My how time flies! I’ve just added a new year’s resolution to blog, blog, blog.

www.BallroomBalloons has been busy. In 2009 we added a video page so you can see us in action. Please visit: The videos are linked to YouTube as well.

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