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World Balloon Convention Set for March, 2012

Hello Balloon Fans,
Now that the second installment of the World Balloon Convention (WBC) is less than a year away, it feels like its just around the corner. As a founding member of the Mid-Atlantic Qualatex Balloon Network chapter in Maryland, I was thrilled to participate in the inaugural WBC in Dallas. In March, 2010, I left the convention with a new found excitement about our industry. In fact, I was certain that I would do the following: Re-join my QBN chapter, take the Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) exam, and teach a class at the next WBC. The fact that I have not achieved any of those goals has done nothing to diminish my love for balloon decorating. The year that has just concluded since the WBC has been Ballroom Balloons’ most successful to date-And, that is thanks to all the balloon lovers out there.

If you would like to see how it all began for me in the industry, please watch this delightful video:
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