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Celebrate the Holidays in Style with BallroomBalloons

Snow Storm Balloon Entrance

The holiday season is upon us and while local retailers and online shopping destinations are gearing up for holiday shoppers, there is another aspect of the holidays that should certainly not be overlooked – holiday celebrations!

BallroomBalloons has the perfect solutions for any occasion and are especially perfect for the holidays. Whether you are celebrating holiday birthdays, anniversaries, Hanukkah or Christmas, a beautiful balloon arrangement or balloon drop will make sure your party guests are in the right mood for the party!

Company holiday parties, shopping malls and other retail stores will often incorporate a balloon arrangement into their holiday decor, much to the delight of their attendees and patrons.

There’s just something about the holidays that transports us all to times in our lives when we enjoy quality time spent with our families, friends and other acquaintances. The magic we experienced as children during the holidays can be relived over and over every year. As you begin planning and preparing your holiday soiree’s, think of creative ways you can include balloons in the decorations and activities you will be hosting or attending.

Check out a small sampling of some of the amazing holiday decor solutions available from the area’s premier event and party decorators at!

Sparkling Snowy Ceiling Balloon Display Arch for Holiday Decor Snowy Giant Bouquets

Confetti Cannons and Streamer Launchers Celebrate the USS Gerald R. Ford


On Saturday, November 9, 2013, the Ballroom Balloons decorating crew participated in the Christening ceremony of the USS Gerald R. Ford. The Ford, first ship in a new aircraft carrier class, is the tenth active such vessel in the United States military. Stationed at the bow of the ship, launched 75 pounds of red, white, and blue confetti from three Carbon Dioxide powered “Gerbs” provided by Flutter Fetti. Adding to the display, we fired off six Master Blaster streamer launchers. Please enjoy our slide show gallery at


Breast Cancer Awareness Event at Howard University


HUSA, the Howard University student organization, sponsored a breast cancer awareness event on The Yard, in front of the Blackburn building last month. This is a twelve-foot wide framed arch in the full garland style, using rose colored balloons. Framed arches offer more stability to outside decorations, they are long-lasting; and, they can be custom tailored to fit in areas with low ceilings. When you have a moment, please take a look at our recently updated balloon decorating video gallery at:


StanPink Ribbon Sculpture 10-1-11 Westfield Annapolis

Making Friends at the Foggy Bottom West End Block Party


It was a great day to celebrate this vibrant DC community with George Washington University! We often construct arches on custom made frames for outdoor events primarily to offset the wind effects. Feel free to browse our gallery of outdoor d├ęcor at:

To this arch, we added a small touch by having “FRIENDS” spelled out in Megaloon Junior letters. Here is a link to some of our Megaloon creations:



Starpoint, Curve, and Three-Foot Jumbo Star Arch Walls

District 1-20131102-00107

Yesterday, the decorating crew of created these two unique balloon walls for South River High School’s homecoming dance in Edgewater, MD. Balloon walls make lovely backdrops for stages, photo opportunities, and for “shrinking” the size of rooms that are too large for the amount of folks attending. Please have a look at our recently updated photo gallery at:


District 1-20131102-00108