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Make It A Valentine’s Day to Remember

For decades, singing telegrams have been one of the most nostalgic and humorous gifts given to unsuspecting recipients. Originally intended as a way to uplift the image of the traditional telegram, singing telegrams have delighted uncountable people of all ages for a very long time.

Fortunately, unlike most modern communications, you can still send a personalized greeting or message of endearment with a singing telegram. You can even book a memorable character to deliver the message. Imagine your friends, loved ones or co-workers being serenaded by a gorilla, rooster, clown, bunny or even a grim reaper – that would certainly be an occasion to look back and laugh on, a memory that would surely last a lifetime!

A perfect addition to any party or celebration, the singing telegram really delivers the laughs and good feeling you would expect. Singing Telegrams are very popular for Birthdays, Anniversaries, and on Valentine’s Day too!
Watch one of our singing telegram videos or contact us anytime to book a Singing Telegram for your special occasion.

Light it up!

Goodman Arch Dark
Perhaps the most popular request we receive at is to add lights to the décor. We are only too happy to oblige. Lighting can add a magical, almost surreal impact to your event space. As you see above, arches may be lit. Likewise, columns may be lighted. Even the giant top balloon on a column can have a bright light inside it. When you get a moment, please visit our arch photo gallery at: Our column gallery may be viewed at:

For lighting table top balloon bouquets, the two most popular treatments are Party Dots, which adhere to the outside of balloons; and, fiber optic light sprays, which are usually embedded in miniature “micro columns”. Fiber optics add a finishing touch to the top balloon or to the base weight. Please see below and enjoy:)

Fiber optic