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Back to Our Balloon Roots


Ballroom Balloons began delivering artistically inspired balloon bouquets in 1986. As we grew to focus on décor and the demand for creative single bouquet deliveries waned, we stopped offering this service….unless it was in conjunction with a costumed singing telegram delivery. We are happy to announce the return of the single festive balloon tower delivery available in a limited area for a total cost of $95.00 plus sales tax. Please visit our balloon bouquet page for more information…and, enjoy:


Discover the Magic with Confetti Cannons and Streamer Launchers

Celebrations and events of all flavors now have the option of taking things to a higher level thanks to the awesome inclusion of confetti cannons and streamer launchers! Ballroom Balloons has incorporated these amazing items into the already extensive catalog of all types high quality balloon décor.

Confetti cannons are capable of stunning displays that rain down on party guests from as high as 100 feet in the air! Choose from a wide variety of colors and you can even order shaped confetti to really set your event above the rest. If you have candles, torches or other open flames at your event, rest assured that safety is a high priority and the confetti is fire-retardant!

Another great development in industry is the introduction of Flutter FETTI. This ingenious product allows the specially designed confetti to stay airborne up to 10 times longer than regular confetti. This lets your guests really revel in the moment and will certainly help them remember all of the joy and fun they experience at your event.

Confetti Cannon

Using confetti canons to launch Flutter FETTI will almost guarantee that your special occasion goes off with a bang! As the summer progresses, consider using this unique and amazing product to enliven any events from weddings, corporate events, birthdays and any other festive occasion you could imagine. Ballroom Balloons has a great selection of styles to choose from, to see more information, check out the confetti cannon and streamer launchers page.