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Make it Last Forever with a Singing Telegram!

Have you ever wondered how to really make a special occasion stand out? Thinking of ideas that will be remembered warmly for years to come? Look no further because the singing telegram, a time-honored tradition that has been with us since 1933 when Western Union began offering them as one of their services.

There are very few ways to simultaneously shock, amaze and amuse someone than giving them a singing telegram! All of the attendees of your special occasion or event will be laughing out loud in real-time when they witness the festivities.

Singing Telegram Adwords

Singing telegrams let you take your surprise to the next level whether you are planning a birthday surprise, a romantic wedding proposal or anniversary or even a corporate celebration! Any time is a great time for a fun and entertaining experience that your, friends, family and co-workers of all ages will enjoy.

BallroomBalloons offers unique and special singing telegrams. Interested party planners have a great selection of character-themed singing telegrams to choose from including Stan the Gorilla Man, we have Mellow Yellow Rooster, Beardsley the Clown, Funny the Bunny Rabbit, and Tim the Grim Reaper. Each performance includes 3 songs and a beautiful balloon bouquet. Organizers can even have their own message or poem read or sung to make the occasion even more personal and memorable.