Fun in Black and White

Stan with cubes
A man and his cubes:)

Noir cubes
“Cubez Noir” shows you how black and white can still be quite festive.

Washington Monument Cubz
Notice a somewhat famous structure in the background.

Outrageous “Cubez”!

Does this make you nostalgic for black and white movies?


A New Dawn “Crowns” Howard University

Howard homecoming 2014
You could say that every homecoming at Howard University is special; and, that would be true. For Howard, there is always an immense joy from the current student, faculty, and staff to the illustrious alumni, and celebrity guests. Still, 2014 stands out. This year, the University welcomed Dr. Wayne Frederick to be Howard’s 17th president. With Dr. Frederick’s arrival comes excitement and pride for the future as two state of the art dormitories opened their doors. Additional new buildings and renovations are also underway. The Howard University homecoming theme this year was Crown, yet another expression of pride for recent accomplishments here. The week long celebration included a 5-K run, breast cancer awareness activities, pep rally, fashion show, yard fest, children’s extravaganza, homecoming parade and football game, and a myriad of parties on and off campus.
Howard arch with Cloud Busters