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Behind the Scenes at Ballroom Balloons

Hello Balloon fans,

Ever wonder what it’s like to decorate with balloons?
At the YouTube channel, we have over 100 video clips for you to get a sneak peak at how it’s done:


Here is a link for a short video taken outside at George Washington University:

Have you ever received or seen a singing telegram? For a good time, watch Alison’s 30th birthday gorilla gram!




Election Fever is Catching DC!

Let’s celebrate the good old USA and embrace the spirit of the democratic process.

Patriot 2

Here at the Marriott Wardman Park in northwest Washington, DC, they know how to make a convention feel patriotic.

Patriot 3 had these large white stars custom imprinted on dark blue balloons just for this election cycle. See what you can create from our photo galleries:

Blue with stars

One last look, for now, at some cool balloons. For more ideas, please visit our Facebook Page: and YouTube channel:

Patriot 1