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Ballroom Balloons was established in 1986 by Stan Rosen. Located in Silver Spring, Maryland, the company is still owned and managed by Mr. Rosen. Our original company name was Balloons USA. At that time there was a tremendous need in the Washington, DC area for reliable companies who could wire balloons nationwide-just as florists have been doing for decades. As our company grew and the internet became an ever more useful tool, the need for nationwide service diminished. We discovered that balloon decorating was really was where all the artistic challenge and serious growth was. So, we changed our name to something more descriptive of what we aspired to become; and, “Ballroom Balloons” was born.

Stan actually discovered that balloon decorating was fast becoming a recognized profession in 1984, while working on his PhD in Clinical Psychology at IIT in Chicago. There, he took on a part time job doing costumed singing telegrams (which he still does!). Stan worked for one of the true pioneers of our industry, Mike Mento. Mike’s company was “The Crystal Balloon”, located in the storied Bridgeport section of Chicago. When he returned to Washington in 1986, Stan was no longer interested in doing just simple balloon deliveries and costumed singing telegrams. Working out of his Father and Brother’s store called Get the Message (A Card and Gift Shop with a Western Union Agency) on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont Circle, Stan began advertising his balloon services. During these early days, Stan would often hail cabs to deliver his balloons. This was somewhat comical as the cabbies generally needed some convincing to take the “fare”. In 1992, he flew to New Orleans for a week long balloon decorating seminar sponsored by the International Balloon Association (IBA). There, Stan not only learned a huge amount about the balloon “business”; but, he also discovered that there was actually a place called “Ballooniversity”. I know, I know, it sounds like McDonald’s “Hamburger College”. Still, it does exist in Athens, Georgia; and, that is where Stan’s balloon decorating expertise really started to blossom.

We hope that you enjoy the site, especially the photos. We made it a point to have the web-site be very “photo driven”. Words are generally inadequate to explain what Ballroom Balloons can do for your special event. So, we let our portfolio do most of the talking. Ballroom Balloons is proud to still offer free face to face consultations. So, please e-mail us or call (301) 652-5444 any time. You may also reach us at our DC phone number: (202)737-3311 or our Arlington phone number: (703)276-6600. You may wish to fill out a price quote form located in the site; but, we encourage you to call if possible. You tend to get the info you need much quicker that way.

Nearly all of the gallery photos are the work of Ballroom Balloons and the balloon artists that we employ. However, we also include photos taken while attending Ballooniversity and other balloon decorating seminars. These are generally large sculpture pieces which are group projects. Whenever possible, designers are given credit for their work. Our apologies go out to those whose names we may have forgotten. Please feel free to inquire if particular photos are the work of Ballroom Balloons if that is of interest or concern to you. Ballroom Balloons often enlists the help of guest balloon artists whose expertise may be more suited for leading a particular design, sculpture, or project. In any event, your complete confidence is our mission. That is evident in the quality of our work whether we are the original designers or not. We love what we do; and, we do it well.

For more information, visit our Website, BallroomBalloons.com

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