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Balloon BouquetWhat is a balloon bouquet?
Simply put, it is an expression of love using balloon artistry.

How is a balloon bouquet different from a gaggle of balloons?
Its like night and day, really. Think of a gorgeously designed fresh floral arrangement versus a handful of flowers. Its all about the creative process. At, we create a "Festive Balloon Tower" using over one dozen Helium balloons AND over sixteen miniature air-filled balloons.

Your custom designed balloon display starts with a large themed top balloon (such as Happy Birthday) that is adorned with a "micro-column" of eight miniature balloons. These small balloons provide an artful touch to maximize the impact of the feature balloon. Next come four rows of three Helium balloons each. These create what we call a "Free Floating Column" configuration. That's right, although its technically a balloon bouquet, your festive balloon tower is built to resemble a fancy balloon column. This sweet arrangement is finished off with a decorative weight that is covered by a second micro-column.

How long will my Festive Balloon Tower last?
Although, balloons are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity, if your balloon bouquet is kept inside at near room temperature, you can expect most of the balloons to float for a week or longer. Extreme temperatures, sharp surfaces, and rough handling can shorten their longevity. We treat the latex balloons with a preservative to make them last longer. For same day orders, the treatment may not have time to dry. In this case, the latex balloons will float for 12 to 24 hours. However, the foil balloons will generally last for a week or more.


Balloon Bouquet Delivery in MarylandMay I choose to have more foil balloons or larger bouquets?
Usually, Ballroom Balloons chooses the make up of what types of balloons you receive; however, you may request, at no additional fee, to have up to half of your balloons be foils (sometimes called Mylar balloons). You may add all the balloons you care to for an additional cost.

What if no one is at home or at work when you deliver my balloon arrangement?
If your balloons are going to a residence, we will call first to make sure someone is there to receive them. We will not leave your balloons outside. You may provide us with the phone number of a trusted neighbor if you like.

If we're delivering to an office and your guest of honor is not there, we will leave the balloons there if someone will accept them. If it makes more sense to re-deliver on another day, there will be a $25.00 fee to return with a refreshed bouquet. Please feel free to ask us to call someone at their job to see if they are in.

Does the balloon bouquet come with a card?
Yes. You are encouraged to provide a personal message with your balloon bouquet. Upon request, we will purchase a full sized greeting card for your special someone for a small additional fee.

Can you deliver a stuffed animal, candy, fruit and food baskets, flowers, or other gift with my order?
Yes. While this may sometimes not be possible for same day orders, we are happy to pick up additional gift items or to create a food basket.

How much does a balloon bouquet cost?
For deliveries within a 10 mile radius of Olney, MD, the cost is $95 for our Festive Balloon Tower including delivery. MD sales tax is additional.

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