Confetti Cannons and Streamer Launchers

Confetti Cannons and StreamersIf we could choose the best special effects to compliment classic balloon décor and balloon drops, it would be confetti cannons and streamer launchers. At Ballroom Balloons, we use wonderful products from a company called Flutter Fetti. This organization produces confetti and streamers in a wide palette of colors. There are even shapes, such as butterflies, that can be launched. Their launching equipment is the industry standard. Its comprehensively tested for safety and reliability.

Our confetti launchers can fire Flutter Fetti up to one pound per second and up to one hundred feet into the air! Its a spectacular performance as the specially designed confetti streams so high into the air and then gracefully flutters down. Flutter Fetti confetti is typically four-inches long and one inch wide, giving it the perfect aerodynamic quality you want from confetti. Streamers are as long as forty-feet in some types of launches. All of their products are fire retardant.

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Here is what Flutter Fetti says about its products and services:

Flutter FETTI Confetti Is No Ordinary Confetti!

How to describe Flutter FETTI? It flutters and floats, It dances and twists. Flutter FETTI is engineered to stay in the air up to TEN TIMES longer than ordinary confetti, creating a tremendous, dazzling effect. With its special rectangular, aerodynamic shape, it virtually defies gravity as it floats, flutters, and flies slowly toward earth. With products suitable for every venue imaginable, Flutter FETTI Confetti always looks spectacular!

Traditional confetti is made from hole punch discards from paper companies. It’s basically a manufacturing byproduct, and when it lies on the floor, it looks like refuse. On the other hand, once Flutter FETTI confetti and streamers finally settle down, it adds to a wonderfully festive atmosphere!

Our Streamers Are No Ordinary Streamers!

Our metallic Flutter FETTI Streamers shimmer as they sail high, and our hand held and remote CO2 powered launchers set the celebration off with a bang! We have engineered different streamer products to work with a variety of ceiling heights, so no matter your venue, the effects are terrific!

Flutter FETTI Streamers are designed for easy clean up, whether the streamers are used outdoors or indoors, and these streamers can be customized in all the colors of the rainbow. Our streamers are Pefect for weddings, birthday parties, private events, and much more!

Why Use Flutter FETTI for Confetti and Streamers?

First of all, it’s fun! Our customers constantly tell us that the most energetic, lively part of their event is the moment the Flutter FETTI Confetti and Streamers start coursing through the air. There’s no denying that everyone young and old loves getting showered in Flutter FETTI! It lifts spirits, widens smiles, and spreads laughter. Flutter FETTI Confetti and Streamers are so unique and the visual effects so Spectacular that your event will remain in your guests’ memory long after they’ve gone home!

You’ve doubtlessly already seen Flutter FETTI in action. It's been used at theme parks from Universal Studios to Dollywood & Busch Gardens and for major sporting events. You’ve seen us on Broadway, during the concerts of numerous superstars ranging from Paul McCartney to the Jonas Brothers to Taylor Swift, and on TV and the silver screen. Flutter FETTI is also great for smaller events.

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