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Local and Nationwide Delivery of Balloons, Flowers, Baskets, and Costumed Singing Telegrams

Bouquets of Balloons and Balloon "Drop-Offs".

Ballroom Balloons focuses on balloon decorating. However, when our decorating schedule allows, we are still pleased to offer balloon deliveries. Though, what we deliver is better described as balloon art. Think of it as the difference between fresh-cut flowers and a stunning floral arrangement. Our bouquets of balloons generally have over two dozen balloons in all shapes, sizes, and types. They are constructed as free floating column structures that go from the floor to the ceiling.

Ballroom Balloons often delivers a "drop off" of Helium balloons, which is delivery without decorating. The price may vary depending on quantity, type and size of balloon, distance, delivery window, and how long the balloons need to float. Ballroom Balloons can reliably treat balloons with a preservative that will make latex Helium balloons float for as long as two weeks. There is an additional fee for this service. A minimum of 1 day's notice is generally required.

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