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FAQsDo you only do big jobs?

Absolutely not! Ballroom Balloons may sound big in name; but, we love to deliver and decorate your small parties and events. Our minimum order is $300. 00 plus delivery (this charge varies). Of course we enjoy the challenges of large events as well!

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Where do you deliver?

Ballroom Balloons is based in Olney, Maryland . So, we are convenient to Montgomery and Prince George's Counties in Maryland, all of Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC. Through our network of nationwide and worldwide balloon artists, we can offer service across the globe.

How far in advance should I order?

There is no time like the present! While Ballroom Balloons has no hard and fast rules, we recommend that you order as early as you are ready. For large events, we recommend having your order in three to six months before the event. For delivery orders, a couple of days may be alright; but, it all depends on our schedule. It is to your advantage to book as early as possible so you have one less thing to worry about. A deposit must accompany your order to make it officially confirmed on our schedule.

Can we meet with a Balloon Artist face to face?

Ballroom Balloons is pleased to offer free on-site consultations at our Olney, Maryland showroom; and, we can often meet at your venue depending on the distance and our schedule.

How long have you been in business?

Ballroom Balloons was started in 1986. Please click on About Us to learn the rest of the story.

Do you do singing telegrams?

Yes we do. Please click the link for Singing Telegram information.

How long will my balloons last?


Latex (Rubber type) Generally, you can count on at least twelve hours of float time for Qualatex brand 11-inch latex balloons. Latex balloons may also be treated with a preservative which allows them to float for over one week. There is an additional fee to have your balloons treated.  Balloon designs that are created with air (non-floating) can last for weeks. Examples of air-filled Décor are arches, columns, and centerpieces which are constructed using a framework to support them.

Foil (Metallic type) Foil balloons (Mylars) usually look good for at least a few days. Although, they may float for weeks, they start to lose Helium and wrinkle in as little as two days.  


Latex (Rubber type) Many factors can affect the float time and appearance of latex balloons used outside. Rain, wind, heat, and other extreme conditions may cause balloons to come down. Generally, you can expect outside latex balloons to float for about eight hours. Often within minutes, a white patina forms on latex balloons used outside. This eliminates their shininess and is due to airborne particulate matter and the natural process of biodegradation.  Ballroom Balloons may suggest alternative types of Décor and/or balloons to make your outdoor event more successful. For example, framed arches and columns are made with nitrogen (which does not float). So, the inner support structure keeps them up even if it rains. These types of Décor also are more wind resistant than Helium arches and columns.

Foil (Metallic type) Foil balloons (Mylars) must be inflated at close to the same temperature as outside. Cooler weather may cause the balloons to become wrinkled; and, warmer weather may pop or otherwise deflate them. In general, foil balloons retain a much better appearance outside than their latex counterparts.

What are your payment terms?

Usually a fifty percent deposit is requested upon ordering balloon decorations. The balance is due two weeks before your event. Custom and delivery orders are charged in full at the time you order. Ballroom Balloons is sometimes willing to take purchase orders or to bill Clients; however, this may not be done on your first order. Ballroom balloons accepts checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal for payment.

What if I need to cancel my order?

Ballroom Balloons will consider special circumstances when possible. However, your fifty percent deposit is considered a non-refundable retainer which is used to purchase supplies and to secure our balloon artists for your event. On orders where custom imprinting, photo balloons, or design work has begun, the entire contract amount must still be paid. If you believe that your special circumstances merit a partial refund, you may make a written request to Ballroom Balloons. Any partial refunds will be awarded at the sole discretion of Ballroom Balloons.

Unless your specific contract contains language to the contrary, your order must be paid in full if cancellation notice is given with less than 72 hours notice. If you cancel your order with at least 72 hours notice, only your 50% deposit (the retainer) is lost (except as noted with custom orders). In the case of extreme circumstances such as major weather events, travel restrictions, and other civil disturbances, no partial refunds will be granted. Event décoration that must be cancelled at the eleventh hour due to Ballroom Balloons' inability to reach the venue likewise will not qualify for a refund.   However, use of this final reason for not issuing a partial refund will only be activated in dire situations when travel is either impossible or otherwise deemed to be unsafe in the extreme.

Do you donate balloons for charitable causes?

Yes! When our schedule allows it, we may donate up to two dozen Helium balloons for pick up from our Olney, MD location. Your non-profit organization or school may also be eligible for a discount when we are unable to make a donation.

Can I make a secure payment on line?

Yes! You may make a payment via PayPal by using your major credit card or PayPal account. Please wait until after you have a copy of your order or contract from Ballroom Balloons before you make a payment. Thank you.

Where are you located?

Ballroom Balloons is a home-based business located in Olney, Maryland. Although we often meet with Clients at this location, consultations are by appointment only. We also often meet Clients for a free consultation at their event venue.

What is your mailing address?

You can find our mailing address on our contact page.

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