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For the last several Republican and Democrat national conventions, everyone has waited with anticipation for that final balloon and confetti drop....especially since amateurs were allowed to rig some of the most recent ones; and, the balloons never dropped; or, they fell too quickly!There is a fair amount of sophistication required for installation so that when the string is pulled, the drop operates as it should: With ease. From stump speeches, to fundraisers, election night parties, and, of course, presidential inaugural balls, balloons are a must.

Please visit our photo gallery at gallery to view samples of our balloon drops, arches, columns, bouquets, ceiling treatments, and more to keep that adrenaline rush of your campaign flowing.

Magic Arch brand balloons are foils that are designed to look like clusters of four balloons each.  Magic Arch balloons look great outdoors!

Single strand of pearls arches have a single balloon rising from each point in the arch. They can be constructed with latex or foil balloons.

Stages and walls can be transformed into something awesome with the right decorative back drop. Patterns, flags, names, and logos can be an integral part of this type of decoration.

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