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Get a FREE QuoteThere are many factors which determine the total cost for decorating your event or providing you with balloon delivery. For each event, there is the cost of the balloons, balloon bouquets, sculptures, arches, columns, and so forth. Then there is the cost for delivery (travel) and/or set-up (labor). We sometimes also return to strike the balloons, which may incur an additional cost.

Our minimum order is for a costumed singing telegram which includes a singing character who brings a large balloon bouquet to the honoree and sings up to three complete songs. Singing telegrams start at $249.00 and vary in cost depending on distance, time of day, and other order-specific details. For more information about singing telegrams, please refer to our singing telegrams web page at:

For decorating and deliveries, our minimum order is $300.00 plus the delivery/set-up charge. This minimum generally applies to destinations within fifteen miles of our base of operations in Olney, MD. For areas that are further away, including nationwide service, the minimum order may be as high as $500.00 plus delivery/set-up. For areas that are very close to us, the minimum can fall to as low as $200.00 plus delivery.

There will be Helium shortages from time to time for at least the next few years. This is due primarily to the lack of infrastructure spending to develop new sources of Helium. In reality, Helium is abundant; however, highly specialized mining equipment must be built and installed to "catch" the Helium before it escapes into the atmosphere, usually in conjunction with certain forms of natural gas mining operations.

Due to the shortage, Helium prices have tripled in the last few years; so, its difficult to provide long-lasting firm balloon decor prices for you. Rest assured, however, that once you book Ballroom Balloons to decorate your event, your price is locked in and Helium for your event will be secured well in advance. It may interest you to know that there are alternatives to Helium balloon decorations. Air-filled balloons may be used to design columns, arches, ceiling and table decor, and balloon drops.

For a quick price quote, please fill out a free, no-obligation price quote form at: Or, send an e-mail to

Ballroom Balloons offers nationwide balloon decorating through our network of balloon artists.

Ballroom Balloons also travels with our balloon crew to decorate events for larger projects.

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