Helium Tank Rentals

Helium Tank Rental Pricing Chart

Extra Large
70 Balloons
120 Balloons
175 Balloons
400 Balloons
600 Balloons
$75.00 USD
$125.00 USD
$165.00 USD
$259.00 USD
$319.00 USD

Helium tank capacity is based on 11-12 inch latex balloons or 18-inch foil (Mylar) balloons. Please note that 9-10 inch balloons can hold only half as much Helium as 11-12 inch balloons. This means that they may only float for a few hours. 16-inch latex use triple the Helium of the 11-12 inch class.

All rental tanks, which are picked up from us, include a free rental (latex) filler, one week of rental time, and hands on instruction for safe use. Balloons, ribbons, and weights are available for an additional charge. Premium regulators for foil balloons are available for a fee. Please use an upright hand truck with bungee cords to secure and to move your rental tanks.

Due to the Helium shortage, availability and pricing are subject to change.  Thank you.

Rental Terms

Please read our Helium Rental Terms Document (Adobe PDF). A free PDF Reader is available to download here.

We apologize that we may not give credit for unused Helium left in the tanks. There are additional fees for rental over one week. Customers will be advised of these potential charges as well as the cost for lost tanks and lost/broken fillers at the time of their order.

Proper Handling Disclaimer

Helium is an inflammable, inert gas. However, Helium tanks are pressurized. Improper handling may result in their explosion. Therefore, Helium tanks must always be secured from falling. Tanks must always be transported with the safety tops securely in place in an upright position. Inhaling of Helium is dangerous; and, it may be fatal.

As noted above, the use and transport of Helium cylinders incurs a significant risk from the contents being under pressure, the weight of the tanks, and the potential harm from inhaling Helium. Clients who choose to rent Helium tanks from Ballroom Balloons assume 100% of the risk of liability due to a tank malfunction, rupture, inhalation of Helium, falling tank, or other associated risks and injuries related to use of these tanks. Ballroom Balloons and its owner have complete indemnification from damages and liability should injury or damage occur associated with the use of our Helium tanks.

Delivery Options

We recommend that Clients pick up tanks (by appointment) from our Olney location. Nationwide delivery of Helium tanks is available. 

The minimum delivery order is $300.00 USD

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