Singing Telegrams

Singing telegrams are a hysterical way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions. Typically a big furry gorilla will appear with a stunning balloon arrangement. The character will usually sing three songs while being photographed and/or video-recorded by the Client. Ballroom Balloons encourages people to participate in the celebration by writing a message or poem to be read out loud by the character. If you are so bold as to write lyrics to a popular song, the character will sing that. You can even play a song to see if the "honoree" will dance with the Gorilla. In addition to Stan the Gorilla Man, we have Mellow Yellow Rooster, Beardsley the Clown, Funny the Bunny Rabbit, and, Tim the Grim Reaper. We have also made special arrangements with Santa to appear at your next holiday party. You may pick a specific time so that the person of honor is most surprised (like during a meeting or meal). You may want the singing character to be there for a cake cutting or to help present a gift to the celebrant.

Local costumed singing telegram performances start at $249.00; and, they include a great balloon bouquet and singing of up to three complete songs.  The price can vary considerably depending on factors such as location, how much notice we are given, time of day, and what sort of customization you choose for the honoree. Please call or e-mail us today for an exact quote.

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