April Showers and Spring Flings

Hola Balloon Fans,
Perhaps March is not precisely going out like a lamb; but, it sure beats the heck out of three feet of snow. Last Friday, we were lucky enough to decorate a re-scheduled event from February. This was for a groundbreaking for a new community of homes in Asbury Methodist Village. Can you just imagine having a groundbreaking ceremony with the snow at its highest of the year?! Here are some links to photos from our gallery that are similar to what we produced for the event:
ballroomballoons.com/gallery.php?category_id=44&parent_id=0&photo_id=1536&countdisplay=&start=0 and: ballroomballoons.com/gallery.php?category_id=65&parent_id=0&photo_id=1727&countdisplay=&start=0

Today we booked a job to create “Hot Air” Balloons for an upcoming event. See: ballroomballoons.com/gallery.php?category_id=59&parent_id=0&photo_id=1643&countdisplay=&start=0
In the old delivery days, this was a favorite special gift idea. We would often fill the basket with candy or flowers. Balloons this size sometimes can’t even fit through a door!

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